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It is not possible to list every service we offer.  However, below are a few things to give you an idea of what we can do.  If you need something that is not listed, no matter how unusual, then feel free to ask as we are sure we can help.


Grass Cutting


Hedge Trimming



Tree Stump Grinding


Jungle Busting


Home Maintenance

Help with your  


Small Building Works

Furniture Assembly

House Clearance


Gîte Changeovers

Holiday Home Checks

Security Visits

Swimming Pool

We can offer a full package of seasonal pool services that will ensure your pool remains crystal clear and ready to use whenever you want it.

Spring Opening including our unique 

Clear Water Guarantee*.

If we open your pool for you in spring we will guarantee the clarity of the water all the time it is not in use. If, for example the water should go green, we will rectify the problem FREE of charge.

Weekly Pool Care

Includes Clear Water Guarantee*

Fixed weekly fee.

Chemicals to be tested and adjusted accordingly on any visit.

Cost of chemicals included*.

1 clean per week using our professional robot (debris removed not recycled into your filter system).

Manual brushing of the pool corners, edges, water line, steps and skimmers.

Filter materials cleaned and skimmer baskets emptied.

Water levels checked and adjusted.

Winter Closure

All the necessary work required to prepare and close your pool for winter. 

Cover Cleaning

Summer and Winter covers cleaned and stored

*  Conditions apply.  See our conditions page for full details.

Holiday Homes

If you own a holiday home and are in need of specific services, click here.

Gite Owners

We offer a wide range of services for gite owners.  Please contact us for more details and to discuss your specific needs.