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Living the Dream

Buying a holiday home is an important decision.  Once you have made this decision it is equally important that, when you arrive after a long journey, you have time to enjoy it!  We understand that the last thing you want to do is walk in the front door to be greeted with that 'closed in' stale air smell as well as the dust and dead insects.  This is, of course, after you have battled your way through the overgrown jungle that was once a garden.

It does not have to be this way...  

We can ensure that when you arrive, your holiday home has been fully aired and cleaned, beds can be made and some basic rations (such as wine, water etc.) are bought in advance.  The jungle can be tamed so that all you do is turn up and start your holiday.  What could be better than that?

Peace of Mind

When you are away from your holiday home it is equally important that it does not become an unnecessary worry.  We can carry out regular Security Visits to ensure that all is as it should be: the house and grounds will be checked for forced entry as well as damage caused by adverse weather.  Inside we will check for burst pipes, electrical failure and any unwanted rodent visitors.

Security Visits are normally carried out on a monthly basis as well as additional visits after severe weather conditions: wind, cold or rain etc. Our details can also be left with your Mairie as a point of contact should they need to get hold of someone when you are out of the country. Added to this, we can also help should you need any translating until you are confident with your French language.




Security Checks (monthly).

Pre Holiday Opening (incl. airing, cleaning, bed making, shopping and gardening).

Post Holiday Closure (incl. cleaning, laundry, rubbish disposal and secure closure).

Building Works (for larger projects we can arrange trades and oversee any works)

Your Project Work (If you carry out your own project work when you visit, we can help with that too: labour, transport and translating.

Rentals.  If you rent your holiday home (or would like to) we can handle all aspects involved from changeovers to guest liaison.

Post collection and forwarding


Grass Cutting


Hedge Trimming




Jungle Busting


We can offer a full package of seasonal pool services that will ensure your pool remains crystal clear and ready to use whenever you want it.

Spring Opening including our unique 

Clear Water Guarantee*.

If we open your pool for you in spring we will guarantee the clarity of the water all the time it is not in use. If, for example the water should go green, we will rectify the problem FREE of charge.

Weekly Pool Care


Clear Water Guarantee*

Fixed weekly fee.  

Chemicals to be tested and adjusted accordingly on any visit.

Cost of chemicals included*.

1 clean per week using our professional robot (debris removed not recycled into your filter system).

Manual brushing of the pool corners, edges, water line, steps and skimmers.

Filter materials cleaned and skimmer baskets emptied.

Water levels checked and adjusted.

Winter Closure

All the necessary work required to prepare and close your pool for winter. 

Cover Cleaning

Summer and Winter covers cleaned and stored

*  Conditions apply.  See our conditions page for full details.


If you need any larger items delivered to your holiday home (incl. furniture and building materials) then we can do this too.