Charente Assistance

        Homme Toutes Mains  /  Handyman

About us

My family and I arrived in France in 2004 having decided to take a 'year off'. We were still able to run our property development business from here whilst renovating our home, enjoying the children growing up and sampling the wonderful French way of life. 

In 2013 my wife and I started our second renovation project and I soon discovered that it was difficult finding someone to help out for short periods of time.  There were plenty of Builders wanting to take on project work but no-one willing to come for an hour or two to help take plasterboard upstairs or mix some concrete.

So, I thought, if I need someone on these terms, so must other people.  And there lies the idea behind Charente Assistance

After a blistering start to 2015 my wife, Nicki, has decided to join me at  Charente Assistance.  She will work both alongside me where needed and independently offering services such as painting, garden services and cleaning. 

From 1 hour to a whole day (or days) when you need a bit of extra help.